Explore the Data

Search and analyze data from all three waves of the National Congregations Survey.

1. Congregational QuickStats

Browse responses from key survey questions. See how answers vary over time and by political ideology, region, religious tradition, theology, and congregation size.

2. Summary Tables

Explore the latest NCS results in these summary tables that compare responses over time and present data from the point of view of both the congregation and the average attendee.

3. Frequency Tables

See basic findings for every variable in the NCS.

4. Crosstabs

Create cross-tabulations of two variables; explore how different characteristics relate to one another.

5. Cumulative Data

To explore the findings more thoroughly, you can download the cumulative data set from the Association of Religion Data Archives.

6. Codebook

Download the data codebook that explains all survey variables and documents exact wording of questions.


QuickStats, frequency and crosstab tables, and downloadable data provided by:

NCS Wave III Report Released Dec 2015

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