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About Us

This page was put together by Team One of Sociology 142. The members are Rebecca MacQuarrie, Yixin Gu, Elaine Guerra, Nathalie Corredor, and William Hill. Blood, sweat, guts, and tears went into the making of this site.

So who are we? We are all students at Duke University and have interest in markets and management from a global perspective.

Rebecca MacQuarrie is a senior majoring in public policy. She will graduate this spring and is hoping to start a career in marketing or public relations.

Yixin Gu is a sophomore; Computer Science major. She is the computer specialist of the group. She hopes to work in a computer related field. Her favorite music is Hong Kong Pop; and her favorite artists are both from HK: Faye Wong & Chi Lam Cheung.

Elaine Guerra is a junior public policy major. She is also planning on working in marketing or public relations after college, possibly within the music industry.

Nathalie Corredor is a junior double major in economics and comparative area studies. She is hoping to go into international consulting after college.

William Hill is a sophomore majoring in mechanical engineering. He plays for the football team and is active in the community. He is hoping to work in an engineering related or entrepreneurial field after college.

After hours of research and tedious website editing, all pertaining to the music industry, we, TEAM ONE, discovered an unyielding and untapped potential burning within us all. Eager to develop and display this potential, we formed a group of our own: The 142 Supremes. We are proud to announce the commencement of a wonderful collaboration of talent. In April, 2000: Coming to an Organizations and Global Competitiveness Class NEAR YOU!!!!!!!!!

Thank you very much for your interest and participation in our site. We hope you found it interesting and informative. Feel free to email us with your questions and comments.


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Last Update: April 6, 2000