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The following table lists those countries where overcapacity is thought to be driving very high levels of pirate production:
Country Current Estimated
Capacity - All Formats
(CD-Audio, CD-Rom, Video-CD)
(million units)
Total Legitimate
Demand - All CD
(million units)
 Hong Kong 2,000 300
 Taiwan 520 120
 China 400 180
 Malaysia 280 20
 Macau 180 negligible
 Singapore 120 40
 Russia 90 6
 Ukraine 70 n/a
 Israel 50 6
 Czech Republic 45 13
Asia and Eastern Europe continue to be major production centres of pirate CDs. Hong Kong has seen the sharpest capacity increase, from 600 million units in 1998 to 2 billion units in 1999. In addition, there is growing production in Russia, Ukraine and the rest of the CIS. Fuelled by this increasing capacity, piracy of optical discs (all formats) grew significantly in 1998, up by over 60%. Video CD (VCD) and CD-ROM piracy was particularly rampant, especially in Asia.

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Last Update: April 3, 2000