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Marketing generally involves promotion, sales and merchandising, and publicity and advertising.

  • Promotion includes CD giveaways, radio broadcasting, mailings, and individual location promoters who travel to "hot spots" such as universities and concert pavilions.
  • Sales and Merchandising includes different price points, choosing location and markets, designing display units, and individual artist merchandising like stickers, hats, and shirts.
  • Publicity and Advertising may include production and distribution of posters, billboards, flyers. Talk shows and radio appearances are designed to bring attention to the artist and their new work. Artists can also get attention through media channels and reviews. More importantly, concert tours are used to promote new album releases.

The internet has brought about a new style of marketing for artists. Artists can use new online distributorships such as and Many bands even have their own websites that serve as both a promoter and distributer. Samples of music can often be found on the web. The internet adds another media channel for the artist to be known throughout the world.

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Last Update: April 5, 2000