United States Imports

**Since the international trade began this century, the USA has always been the largest single national import marketů"

**The USA has had per capita growth in consumption from 8 kg in 1973 to 11.4 kg in 1990.

**Almost all of the bananas consumed in the United States come from Latin America

**Costa Rica and Ecuador are the US's largest suppliers






Clearly, the United States plays a huge role in the economies of these nations, paying billions of dollars for these bananas. Costa Rica and Ecuador have remained as the top suppliers of bananas to the United States, with Colombia making a huge move to challenge those two. Mexico has declined significantly in their exporting of bananas to the United States, as their overall exports have declined and they shift their focus in other directions. Honduras has taken quite a dramatic drop in the past few years, while Panama has almost tripled its sales to the United States.

The market for bananas has risen steadily, as per capita consumption from 1987 to 1997 has risen approximately twelve percent. Bananas make around one percent of all supermarket sales. One publication, Fresh Trends, has even claimed that 94% of American households purchase bananas, compared with a paltry 80% for apples and 70% for grapes. Bananas are even the most profitable fruit, contributing two percent of a supermarket's net profit! Unless bananas are shown to be poisonous or perhaps carcinogenic, the banana industry will continue to grow as populations grow, and profits are to be had, especially in the United States.

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