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                                            adidas 1997 International Sales Breakdown                                           

  • adidas is a German based company and is a world leader in soccer shoe market.
  • Due to its location in Germany, adidas has historically had the decisive advantage in the European athletic footwear market.
  • In the late 1950's, adidas made the decision to enter the US athletic footwear market.
    • adidas' move was well timed because the US had not yet been exposed to the high quality athletic shoes that adidas produced. As a result by the mid-1970's, adidas had established a firm reputation in the US for being a producer of first-rate athletic shoes.
  • Global expansion in the 1960's and '70's helped adidas maintain its dominant status in the athletic footwear market.
    • By the late 1970's adidas operated 24 factories in 17 countries and was selling shoes in more than 150 nations.
  • In 1978, adidas incurred a major breakthrough as its then 77-year-old president, Adi Dassler, introduced an ultra light soccer shoe that represented a track sprinting shoe. The shoes were first used that year by nearly every team that participated in the World Cup in Argentina.
  • Following Dassler's death, which occurred shortly after he introduced the new soccer shoes in 1978, adidas' position on top of industry took a major blow.
    • In the US, adidas was ousted by Reebok and Nike.
    • Despite its setbacks, adidas remained dominant in Europe.
  • adidas' largest US blunder occurred in 1984 when the company refused to sign Michael Jordan despite the athlete's proclaimed interest.
  • Moving with the industry trend, in 1993, adidas shifted a majority of its production facilities to Asia in order to minimize costs.
  • In 1997, adidas purchased Sport Development S.C.A., a French sportswear manufacturer and parent company of the Salomon group.
    • Salomon is mainly involved with the production of winter sports apparel such as down hill skis and ski boots. 
  • In order to tap into the lost American market, adidas has begun to intensely market its shoes by sponsoring such athletes and teams as Kobe Bryant, Peyton Manning, The University of Tennessee and The New York Yankees.

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  • adidas' most prevalent and heavily marketed shoes are known as "Feet you wear."
  • adidas has implemented an initiative against the abuse of laborers in third world countries.