Globalization & Innovation

The global business environment is evolving at an incredible pace. Policymakers, academics and business leaders are understandably interested in these dynamic changes.  Today, research and development activities and innovation work in a variety of industries are extremely mobile.  New business models and inter-firm relationships enable this work to be sourced around the globe or in some cases contracted externally.  The new challenges raised by these high-stakes relationships are significant, as are the potential consequences for established economies that were once exclusive destinations for high-technology work.

The Globalization of Innovation: PharmaceuticalsThe Globalization of Innovation: Pharmaceuticals, June 2008
Pharmaceutical firms in India and China are increasingly forging partnerships with multinational corporations to gain revenue and to develop their own expertise.

U.S.-based Global Intellectual Property CreationUS-Based Global Intellectual Property: An Analysis, November 2007
Given the importance of global intellectual property protection to continued innovation and growth in the United States, an inquiry into trends in U.S. PCT applications offers a unique lens on technological change and global IP creation.