project team

The Global Engineering and Entrepreneurship @ Duke research group consists of an interdisciplinary team of engineers, sociologists, and industry experts. Many of the individuals involved in this research have interests in corporate management, global economics and intellectual property.

  • Faculty and Staff co-authors have been involved in all of the research projects generated by the Global Engineering and Entrepreneurship @ Duke group since its foundation. Together they generate research methodologies, manage project tasks, and work with media to impact national policy.
  • Co-Authors from a variety of academic and professional disciplines have contributed to research authored by the Global Engineering and Entrepreneurship @ Duke research group.
  • Spring 2008 Students conducted case studies with multinational, Chinese and Indian corporations. Research was also conducted on international returnees to China and India.
  • Fall 2007 Students gathered new information about the next waves of outsourcing focusing on innovation work, research and development.
  • Spring 2007 Students surveyed immigrant entrepreneurs to learn about their background and education; additionally this group examined intellectual property contributions by individual states, universities and immigrant groups.
  • Fall 2006 Students interviewed US immigrant-founded engineering and technology start-ups and investigated immigrant contributions to U.S. global intellectual property.
  • Spring 2006 Students generated and administered a detailed questionnaire on the outsourcing strategies and hiring practices of multinational corporations.
  • Fall 2005 Students compiled balanced statistics on engineering degree production in China, India and the United States, ultimately challenging commonly cited data used in policymaking.
  • Global Engineering & Entrepreneurship Photos of our research team, meetings and conferences.