Table of Contents

August 2008 * Volume 45, Number 3

489 The Geographical Scale of Metropolitan Racial Segregation
Sean F. Reardon, Stephen A. Matthews, David O’Sullivan, Barrett A. Lee, Glenn Firebaugh, Chad R. Farrell, and Kendra Bischoff

515 Reexamining the Moving to Opportunity Study and Its Contribution to Changing the Distribution of Poverty and Ethnic Concentration
William A.V. Clark

537 Child Poverty and Changes in Child Poverty
Wen-Hao Chen and Miles Corak
555 Mate Availability and Unmarried Parent Relationships
Kristen Harknett
573 Gay and Lesbian Partnership: Evidence From California
Christopher Carpenter and Gary J. Gates
591 Social Capital and Migration: How Do Similar Resources Lead to Divergent Outcomes?
Filiz Garip

619 Does Human Capital Raise Earnings for Immigrants in the Low-Skill Labor Market?
Matthew Hall and George Farkas

641 Migration, Fertility, and Aging in Stable Populations
Juha M. Alho
651 Intergenerational Fertility Among Hispanic Women: New Evidence of Immigrant Assimilation
Emilio A. Parrado and S. Philip Morgan

673 The Exceptionally High Life Expectancy of Costa Rican Nonagenarians
Luis Rosero-Bixby
693 The Changing Relationship Between Family Size and Educational Attainment Over the Course of Socioeconomic Development: Evidence From Indonesia
Vida Maralani

719 Have We Put an End to Social Promotion? Changes in School Progress Among Children Aged 6 to 17 From 1972 to 2005
Carl B. Frederick and Robert M. Hauser

741 Technological Innovation and Inequality in Health
Sherry Glied and Adriana Lleras-Muney