Table of Contents

August 2009 * Volume 46, Number 3

429 Revisiting Das Gupta: Refinement and Extension of Standardization
and Decomposition
Albert Chevan and Michael Sutherland

451 Family Allowances and Fertility: Socioeconomic Differences
Jona Schellekens
469 Employment Gains and Wage Declines: The Erosion of Black Women’s -Relative Wages Since 1980
Becky Pettit and Stephanie Ewert

493 Job Opportunities, Economic Resources, and the Postsecondary Destinations of American Youth
Robert Bozick

513 Parental Characteristics and the Schooling Progress of the Children of -Immigrant and U.S.-Born Blacks
Kevin J.A. Thomas

535 Do Immigrants Work in Riskier Jobs?
Pia M. Orrenius and Madeline Zavodny
553 Consequences of Family Disruption on Children’s Educational Outcomes
in Norway

Fiona Steele, Wendy Sigle-Rushton, and Øystein Kravdal

575 Forced Migration and Mortality in the Very Long Term: Did Perestroika
Affect Death Rates Also in Finland?
Jan Saarela and Fjalar Finnäs

589 Drawing Statistical Inferences From Historical Census Data, 1850–1950
Michael Davern, Steven Ruggles, Tami Swenson, J. Trent -Alexander, and J. Michael Oakes

605 Investigating the Mechanism of Marital Mortality Reduction: The
Transition to Widowhood and Quality of Health Care
Lei Jin and Nicholas A. Christakis

627 Change in Disability-Free Life Expectancy for Americans 70 Years Old
and Older
Eileen M. Crimmins, Mark D. Hayward, Aaron Hagedorn, Yasuhiko Saito, and Nicolas Brouard