Table of Contents and Online Supplements

August 2010 * Volume 47, Number 3

537 Shifting Coresidence Near the End of Life: Comparing Decedents and -Survivors of a Follow-up Study in China
Zachary Zimmer and Kim Korinek

555 Social, Behavioral, and Biological Factors, and Sex Differences in Mortality
Richard G. Rogers, Bethany G. Everett, Jarron M. Saint Onge, and Patrick M. Krueger

579 Preliminary Evidence Regarding the Hypothesis That the Sex Ratio at Sexual Maturity May Affect Longevity in Men
Lei Jin, Felix Elwert, Jeremy Freese, and Nicholas A. Christakis

587 Incarcerating Death: Mortality in U.S. State Correctional Facilities, 1985–1998
Evelyn J. Patterson


Measuring Years of Inactivity, Years in Retirement, Time to Retirement, and Age at Retirement Within the Markov Model
Gary R. Skoog and James E. Ciecka


629 Knox Meets Cox: Adapting Epidemiological Space-Time Statistics to -Demographic Studies
Carl P. Schmertmann, Renato M. Assunção, and Joseph E. Potter


Nonresponse in Repeat Population-Based Voluntary Counseling and Testing for HIV in Rural Malawi
Francis Obare


667 Gender Scripts and Age at Marriage in India
Sonalde Desai and Lester Andrist

689 Early Teen Marriage and Future Poverty
Gordon B. Dahl

719 Reassessing the Link Between Premarital Cohabitation and Marital Instability
Steffen Reinhold

Pathways to Educational Homogamy in Marital and Cohabiting Unions
Christine R. Schwartz



Nontraditional Families and Childhood Progress Through School
Michael J. Rosenfeld



Family and Neighborhood Sources of Socioeconomic Inequality in Children’s Achievement
Narayan Sastry and Anne R. Pebley


801 Immigrants and Natives in U.S. Science and Engineering Occupations, 1994–2006
Mariano Sana