Table of Contents

February 2008 * Volume 45, Number 1

IV A Note from the New Editor
Kenneth C. Land, Demography
1 Neighborhood Selection and the Social Reproduction of Concentrated Racial Inequality
Robert J Sampson, Patrick Sharkey

31 Maternal Work Hours and Adolescents' School Outcomes among Low-Income Families in Four Urban Counties
Lisa A Gennetian, Leonard M Lopoo, Andrew S London

55 The Neighborhood Context of Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Arrest
David S Kirk

79 Immigrant Residential Segregation in U.S. Metropolitan Areas, 1990-2000
John Iceland, Melissa Scopilliti

95 Using Subjective Expectations to Forecast Longevity: Do Survey Respondents Know Something We Don't Know?
Maria Perozek

115 Retrospective Information on Health Status and Its Application for Population Health Measures
Michael T Molla, James Lubitz

129 The Quality of Retrospective Data on Cohabitation
Sarah R Hayford, S Philip Morgan
143 A Practical Approach to Using Multiple-Race Response Data: A Bridging Method for Public-Use Microdata
Carolyn A Liebler, Andrew Halpern-Manners

157 The Multistate Life Table Method: An Application to Contraceptive Switching Behavior
Tzy-Mey Kuo, C M Suchindran, Helen P Koo

173 The International Child Poverty Gap: Does Demography Matter?
Patrick Heuveline, Matthew Weinshenker
193 Cohort Estimates Of Nonmarital Fertility for U.S. Women
Lawrence L Wu
209 Moving and Union Dissolution
Paul J Boyle, Hill Kulu, Thomas Cooke, Vernon Gayle, Clara H Mulder
223 The Quantity-Quality Trade-Off of Children in a Developing Country: Identification Using Chinese Twins
Hongbin Li, Junsen Zhang, Yi Zhu