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February 2009 * Volume 46, Number 1

1 Height and the Normal Distribution: Evidence From Italian Military Data
Brian A’Hearn, Franco Peracchi, and Giovanni Vecchi
27 Predicting Adult Health and Mortality From Adolescent Facial Characteristics in Yearbook Photographs
Eric N. Reither, Robert M. Hauser, and Karen C. Swallen

43 Marriage Behavior Response to Prime-Age Adult Mortality: Evidence From Malawi
Mika Ueyama and Futoshi Yamauchi

65 Bayesian Estimation of Hispanic Fertility Hazards From Survey and Population Data
Michael S. Rendall, Mark S. Handcock, and Stefan H. Jonsson

85 Family Boundary Ambiguity and the Measurement of Family Structure: The Significance of Cohabitation
Susan L. Brown and Wendy D. Manning

103 Birds of a Feather, or Friend of a Friend? Using Exponential Random Graph Models to Investigate Adolescent Social Networks
Steven M. Goodreau, James A. Kitts, and Martina Morris
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127 Fleeing the Storm(s): An Examination of Evacuation Behavior During Florida’s 2004 Hurricane Season
Stanley K. Smith and Chris McCarty
Appendix B
147 A Longitudinal Analysis of Family Migration and the Gender Gap in Earnings in the United States and Great Britain
Thomas J. Cooke, Paul Boyle, Kenneth Couch, and Peteke Feijten

169 Dual Citizenship Rights: Do They Make More and Richer Citizens?
Francesca Mazzolari
193 The Rising Share of Nonmarital Births: Is It Only Compositional Effects?
John Ermisch

203 Comment: There May Be Compositional Effects, But They Do Not Work That Way
Steven Martin

209 Composition and Decomposition in Nonmarital Fertility
Lawrence L. Wu

211 Response to Ermisch, Martin, and Wu
Jo Anna Gray, Jean Stockard, and Joe Stone