Table of Contents and Online Supplements

February 2010 * Volume 47, Number 1

1 An Integrative Approach to Health
Kathleen Mullan Harris

23 Early Life Exposures and the Occurrence and Timing of Heart Disease
Among the Older Adult Puerto Rican Population

Mary McEniry and Alberto Palloni

45 Health, Wartime Stress, and Unit Cohesion: Evidence From Union
Army Veterans

Dora L. Costa and Matthew E. Kahn
67 Facing up to Uncertain Life Expectancy: The Longevity Fan Charts
Kevin Dowd, David Blake, and Andrew J.G. Cairns

79 Obesity and Excess Mortality Among the Elderly in the United States
and Mexico

Malena Monteverde, Kenya Noronha, Alberto Palloni, and Beatriz Novak

97 Multivariate Analysis of Parity Progression–Based Measures of the Total -Fertility Rate and Its Components
Robert Retherford, Naohiro Ogawa, Rikiya Matsukura, and Hassan Eini-Zinab

125 Childhood Nutrition and Later Fertility: Pathways Through Education
and Pre-Pregnant Nutritional Status

Mariaelisa Graff, Kathryn Yount, Usha Ramakrishnan, Reynaldo Martorell,
and Aryeh D. Stein

145 Endowments and Parental Investments in Infancy and Early Childhood
Ashlesha Datar, M. Rebecca Kilburn, and David S. Loughran

163 Orphanhood and Human Capital Destruction: Is There Persistence
Into Adulthood?

Kathleen Beegle, Joachim De Weerdt, and Stefan Dercon

Attrition In The KHDS Survey

181 Parenting as a “Package Deal”: Relationships, Fertility, and Nonresident -Father Involvement Among Unmarried Parents
Laura Tach, Ronald Mincy, and Kathryn Edin

205 Patterns of Nonresident Father Contact
Jacob E. Cheadle, Paul R. Amato, and Valarie King

227 Last Hired, First Fired? Black-White Unemployment and the Business Cycle
Kenneth A. Couch and Robert Fairlie

249 Education and Gender Bias in the Sex Ratio at Birth: Evidence From India
Rebeca A. Echávarri and Roberto Ezcurra