Table of Contents

May 2008 * Volume 45, Number 2

245 Changing Educational Inequalities in India in the Context of Affirmative Action
Sonalde Desai, Veena Kulkarni

271 An Assessment of China's Fertility Level Using the Variable-R Method
Yong Cai

283 The Legacies of Context: Past and Present Influences on Contraceptive Choice in Nang Rong, Thailand
Jeffrey Edmeades

303 The Gradient in Sub-Saharan Africa: Socioeconomic Status and HIV/AIDS
Jane G. Fortson

323 Macroeconomic Fluctuations and Mortality in Postwar Japan
José A. Tapia Granados
345 Fertility in New York State in the Pre-Civil War Era
Michael R. Haines, Avery M. Guest
363 Population Change And Farm Dependence: Temporal And Spatial Variation In The U.S. Great Plains, 1900-2000
Katherine J. Curtis White

387 Trends in U.S. Adult Chronic Disease Mortality, 1960-1999: Age, Period, and Cohort Variations
Yang Yang

417 Marital Strategies for Regulating Exposure to HIV
Georges Reniers
439 Risk Preferences and the Timing of Marriage and Childbearing
Lucie Schmidt
461 Coparenting and Nonresident Fathers' Involvement with Young Children After a Nonmarital Birth
Marcia J. Carlson, Sara S. McLanahan, Jeanne Brooks-Gunn