Table of Contents

May 2009 * Volume 46, Number 2

221 Job Loss and Health in the U.S. Labor Market
Kate W. Strully

247 Unwed Fathers’ Ability to Pay Child Support: New Estimates Accounting for Multiple-Partner Fertility
Marilyn Sinkewicz and Irwin Garfinkel

265 Parental Imprisonment, the Prison Boom, and the Concentration of Childhood Disadvantage
Christopher Wildeman

281 Nature’s Experiment? Handedness and Early Childhood Development
David W. Johnston, Michael E.R. Nicholls, Manisha Shah, and Michael A. Shields

303 Is the Relationship Between Socioeconomic Status and Health Stronger for Older Children in Developing Countries?
Lisa Cameron and Jenny Williams

325 Proximate Sources of Population Sex Imbalance in India
Emily Oster

341 Motherhood, Labor Force Behavior, and Women’s Careers: An Empirical Assessment of the Wage Penalty for Motherhood in Britain, Germany, and the United States
Markus Gangl and Andrea Ziefle

371 Modeling Transition Rates Using Panel Current-Status Data: How Serious Is the Bias?
Douglas A. Wolf and Thomas M. Gill

387 Reconstructing Childhood Health Histories
James P. Smith
405 Can Knowledge Improve Population Forecasts at Subcounty Levels?
Guangqing Chi