Table of Contents and Online Supplements

May 2010 * Volume 47, Number 2

269 Retirement and Death in Office of U.S. Supreme Court Justices
Ross M. Stolzenberg and James Lindgren

299 Three Measures of Longevity: Time Trends and Record Values
Vladimir Canudas-Romo

313 How Does the Age Gap Between Partners Affect Their Survival?
Sven Drefahl

327 Social Demographic Change and Autism
Kayuet Liu, Noam Zerubavel, and Peter Bearman

345 Employment and Self-employment in the Wake of Hurricane Katrina
Julie Zissimopoulos and Lynn A. Karoly
Supplementary Materials

369 Intergenerational Mobility in the Post-1965 Immigration Era: Estimates by an Immigrant Generation Cohort Method
Julie Park and Dowell Myers

393 Biodemographic Modeling of the Links Between Fertility Motivation and -Fertility Outcomes in the NLSY79
Warren B. Miller, David E. Bard, David J. Pasta, and Joseph Lee Rodgers
415 Family Structure and the Transition to Early Parenthood
Sandra L. Hofferth and Frances Goldscheider

439 Choice of Study Discipline and the Postponement of Motherhood in Europe: The Impact of Expected Earnings, Gender Composition, and Family Attitudes
Jan Van Bavel

459 A Comparative Perspective on Intermarriage: Explaining Differences Among National-Origin Groups in the United States
Matthijs Kalmijn and Frank van Tubergen

481 Educational Assortative Mating and Economic Inequality: A Comparative Analysis of Three Latin American Countries
Florencia Torche

503 The Impact of Family Policy Expenditure on Fertility in Western Europe
Adriaan Kalwij

521 Son Targeting Fertility Behavior: Some Consequences and Determinants
Deepankar Basu and Robert de Jong