Table of Contents

November 2008 * Volume 45, Number 4

763 When to Promote, and When to Avoid, a Population Perspective
Greg J. Duncan
785 A Decomposition Method Based on a Model of Continuous Change
Shiro Horiuchi, John R. Wilmoth, and Scott D. Pletcher
803 Urbanization and Fertility: An Event-History Analysis of Coastal
Ghana Michael J. White, Salut Muhidin, Catherine Andrzejewski, Eva Tagoe, Rodney Knight, and Holly Reed

817 Fertility Effects of Abortion and Birth Control Pill Access for Minors
Melanie Guldi
829 Spousal Mobility and Earnings
Terra McKinnish
851 Wives and Ex-wives: A New Test for Homogamy Bias in the Widowhood Effect
Felix Elwert and Nicholas A. Christakis
875 No Trend in the Intergenerational Transmission of Divorce
Jui-Chung Allen Li and Lawrence L. Wu
885 Prenatal Health Investment Decisions: Does the Child’s Sex Matter?
Aparna Lhila and Kosali I. Simon
907 Gender, Resources Across the Life Course, and Cognitive Functioning in Egypt
Kathryn M. Yount
927 Acknowledgment of Reviewers
931 Volume 45 Index