Table of Contents and Online Supplements

Supplement 2010 * Volume 47

S1 Prologue: Research on the Demography and Economics of Aging
Richard Suzman

S5 Key Themes in Research on the Demography of Aging
Robert F. Schoeni and Mary Beth Ofstedal


Trends in Health of Older Adults in the United States: Past, Present, Future
Linda G. Martin, Robert F. Schoeni, and Patricia M. Andreski            


Biodemography: New Approaches to Understanding Trends and Differences in Population Health and Mortality
Eileen Crimmins, Jung Ki Kim, and Sarinnapha Vasunilashorn


S65 Causes and Consequences of Early-Life Health
Anne Case and Christina Paxson

Families, Social Life, and Well-being at Older Ages
Linda Waite and Aniruddha Das

S111 Recent Developments in Longitudinal Studies of Aging in the United States
Robert M. Hauser and David Weir
S131 Facilitating Longer Working Lives: International Evidence on Why and How
David A. Wise
S151 Some Macroeconomic Aspects of Global Population Aging
Ronald Lee and Andrew Mason
S173 The Potential Impact of Comparative Effectiveness Research on U.S. Health Care Expenditures
Daniella J. Perlroth, Dana P. Goldman, and Alan M. Garber
S191 What Can We Learn From (and About) Global Aging?
Arie Kapteyn
S211 Disease Prevalence, Disease Incidence, and Mortality in the United States and in England
James Banks, Alastair Muriel, and James P. Smith