* Do Young People Have a Set Point of Happiness? Panel Evidence from the Taiwan Youth Project ~ Ming-Chang Tsai
* The U.S. General Social Survey Website Update Announcement ~ Tom W. Smith
* ISQOLS President’s Message ~ Rhonda Phillips
Fall, December 2015, Number 126
Coming in August 2016

* Global Decline in Well-Being ~ Ron Anderson
* Lessons from Arizona ~ Mahar Mangahas
* ISQOLS President’s Message ~ Rhonda Phillips

Fall, December 2015, Number 125

*The Contribution of Falling Mortality Rates and Rising Life Expectancy to Growth in the Canadian Standard of Living
*Recent Developments in Molecular Biology Relevant to Quality-of-Life Research
*Sunny Side Down? Comment on Ronald E. Anderson “Progress in Measuring Human Suffering”

Spring and Summer, May & August 2015, Numbers 123 & 124

*Child Well-Being and Child Suffering: Cross-National Relationships to Human Development
*Wolfgang Glatzer Honored
*Global Handbook of Quality of Life: Explorations of Well-Being of Nations and Continents – Publication Announcement and Description
*Conference on Dealing with Complexity in Society: From Plurality of Data to Synthetic Indicator

Winter, February 2014, Number 122

*Progress in Measuring Human Suffering Worldwide
*Messages from ISQOLS Pres. and Exec. Dir.
Fall, December 2014, Number 121
*Why Sociological Theory of Happiness Fall Short
*Report on the Research Committee 55: Social Indicators Sessions at the XVIII ISA World Congress of Sociology

Spring and Summer, May & August 2014, Numbers 119 & 120

*Four Decades of Monitoring Social Conditions and Trends in American Society:  The General Social Survey, 1972-2006
*The Encyclopedia of Quality of Life and Well-Being Research
Winter, February 2014, Number 118


*Report on Symposium on the History of Well-Being
*QoLexity:  Measuring, Monitoring and Analysis of Quality of Life and its Complexity, New Master’s Degree Program, U of Florence
Fall, November 2013, Number 116
*Using Time as a Social Indicator
*“Long-term trends in Quality of Life” Mid-term conference of the ISA Research Committee 55 on Social Indicators
Spring and Summer, May & August 2013, Numbers 114 & 115
*Happiness, Growth, and Public Policy, First Lecture in the Richard J. Estes Lecture Series on International and Comparative QoL Research, XI International Society for Quality-of-Life Studies Conference
*The 4th International Society for Child Indicators (ISCI), Conference Theme:  Child Indicators in a Globalized World
*“Long-term trends in Quality of Life” Mid-term conference of the ISA Research Committee 55 on Social Indicators
Winter, February 2013, Number 113


*Report on the XI ISQOLS Conference “Discovering New Frontiers in Quality of Life Research”
*Viewing the World at the Venice ISQOLS conference 2012
*Differences in Child Well-Being Among U.S. States
Fall, November 2012, Number 112

*Violent Bullying Victimization in Middle and High School Contexts in the United States:  A Social Trends Report
*Richard Easterlin’s Impact on the Growth Debate
*Encyclopedia of Quality of Life Research Progresses

Spring and Summer, May & August 2012, Numbers 110 & 111
*Reviews of Web-Based Social Reports, Review 2:  The United Nations Development Programme’s Human Development Index (HDI)
*The 11th ISQOLS Conference "Discovering New Frontiers in Quality of Life Research"
Winter, February 2012, Number 109


*The Validity of Life Satisfaction Measures
*The 11th International Conference of the International Society for Quality-of-Life Studies
*4th Greenville Family Symposium
Fall, November 2011, Number 108

*The Australian Unity Wellbeing Index:  One Decade On
*Reviews of Web-Based Social Reports, Review 1:  The United Kingdom’s Social Trends

Spring and Summer, May & August 2011, Numbers 106 & 107
*Measuring Well-Being in the Netherlands
*Keys to Happiness From 100 Prominent Experts from Around the World
Winter, February 2011, Number 105


*A Human Development Report on America in the Early 2000s
*Quality of Life:  Reflections, Studies and Research in Italy
*Obtaining Weights:  From Objective to Subjective Approaches In View of More Participative Methods In the Construction of Composite Indicators of Well-Being
Fall, November 2010, Number 104
* The Good Society Framework:  An Essay on Understanding the Quality of Life
*Japanese Sociologists on Passive Happiness
*Happiness and Psychological Capital as Resources for Work and Life
Spring and Summer, May & August 2010, Numbers 102 & 103
*Anticipating the Impacts of Significant Societal Events on Well-Being—A Case Study:  The Impacts of the Great Recession On Child and Youth Well-Being in the United States
*Social Indicators at the XVII ISA World Congress of Sociology, July 11-17, 2010
Winter, February 2010, Number 101


*The Easterlin Paradox Revisited, Revised, and Perhaps Resolved
*Measuring Progress:  Let’s All Be Serious
*Comment on Mahar Mangahas’ Article, the OECD Forum, and the Stiglitz Report
Fall, November 2009, Number 100
*The IX Conference of the International Society for Quality of Life Studies: First Report
*The 9th ISQOLS Conference in Florence: A Personal View
*2nd International Conference of International Society for Child Indicators
Spring and Summer, May & August 2009, Numbers 98 & 99
*Well-Being For All:  Concepts and Tools for Social Cohesion
*International Conference on “Human Development and the Environment:  Advances in Quality of Life Studies”
Winter, February 2009, Number 97


*Recommendations to the New U.S. President from ISQOLS Members
*The Australian Unity Wellbeing Index 2001-2008:  Variations in subjective wellbeing linked with major events and inflation
*Advice to the New U.S. President from Scientists in Discover Magazine
Fall, November 2008, Number 96
*Yang Yang on The Dynamics of, and Heterogeneity in, Subjective Well-Being Across the Life Course and Over Time in the United States
*Diener and Diener’s Book On Happiness and How to Find It
Spring and Summer, May & August 2008, Numbers 94 & 95
*The 2008 Index of Economic Freedom
*Dick Easterlin’s Reluctance
Winter, February 2008, Number 93


*Mark Peterson on Weights for Quality-of-Life Priorities
*2007 ISQOLS Conference
*Legislation for a New State-Level Survey of Child Well-Being Is Introduced in the U.S.
Fall, November 2007, Number 92
*A Statistical Analysis of Weights In Composite Quality-of-Life Indices
*Message from ISQOLS President
Spring and Summer, May & August 2007, Numbers 90 & 91
*A UNICEF Report on Child Well-Being in OECD Countries
*The 2007 ISQOLS Conference “From QOL Concepts to QOL Performance Measures
Winter, February 2007, Number 89


*Report on the 7th Conference of the International Society for Quality-of-Life Studies
*Sharing The ISQOLS Vision
*The 1st International Society for Child Indicators Conference “Child Indicators: Diverse Approaches to a Shared Goal”
Fall, November 2006, Number 88
*Wolfgang Glatzer on Comparing the Quality of Life in the European Union and the United States of America
*New Estimates of Economic Well-Being for Selected OECD Countries by the Center for the Study of Living Standards
*Ruut Veenhoven on Why Sociologists Fail to Acknowledge Happiness
Spring and Summer, May & August 2006, Numbers 86 & 87
*Quality of Life Therapy For All!
*XVI International Sociological Association World Congress of Sociology
*7th Conference of the International Society for Quality-of-Life Studies
Winter, February 2006, Number 85


*Daniel Kahneman and Colleagues on National Well-Being Accounts
*Guidelines for National Indicators of Subjective Well-Being and Ill-Being
Fall, November 2005, Number 84
*Are We Improving the Well-Being of America’s Children?
*KIDS COUNT 2005 Released
Spring and Summer, May & August 2005, Numbers 82 & 83
*The World’s Best Country by Laza Kekic: A Critique and Response
*The Program of the Delmenhorst, Germany Workshop on Europe and North America – Societies in Contrast
*Europe and North America - Societies in Contrast:  A workshop report
Winter, February 2005, Number 81


*Reports from the sixth conference of the international society for quality-of-life studies
*Research Programme of Quality Of Life
*The Community Indicators Consortium and Its Newsletter
Fall, November 2004, Number 80
*Comparing the 50 U.S. States Based on Improvement in Child Well-Being During the 1990s
*Do Market Forces Alone Propel Economic Expansion?  A New Book by Richard A. Easterlin
*A Historical Note:  Sir William Petty (1623-1687) and the Scale of Salubrity
Spring and Summer, April & August 2004, Numbers 78 & 79
*The Child Well-Being Index:  An Overview of an Index of Recent Trends in the Well-Being of America’s Children
*Poverty and Inequality Block World Progress
Winter, February 2004, Number 77


*The Australian Unity Wellbeing Index:  An Overview
*A Chartbook on Trends in the Health of Americans: Health, United States, 2002
Fall, November 2003, Number 76
*Impressions of the 2003 ISQOLS Conference
*Greetings from the President, and Mayor of Frankfurt
*Frankfurt-Mannheim Contributions to Social Indicators: Some Retrospective Notes
Spring and Summer, April & August 2003, Numbers 74 & 75
*A Volume on Disparities Within and Among Nations
*Heightening Social Responsibility in Marketing: The Concept of Quality-of-Life (QOL) in Marketing, Proposed Antecedents and Consequences
Winter, March 2003, Numbers 73


*Education, Work and Welfare in Australia, With Comparisons to Other Societies
*The Second Edition of the Cambridge Dictionary of Statistics
*Report on the 2002 International Sociological Association Working Group 6 on Social Indicators and Social Reporting Meetings in Australia
Fall, November 2002, Numbers 72
*Reports and Data on the Quality of Life of Children, United States, Its Component States, and World-Wide
*UNESCO Looks At The World’s Culture
Spring/Summer, May/August 2002, Numbers 70 & 71
*The Triumph of Indicators of Visible and Invisible Change
*Australian Social Trends Enters the Twenty-First Century
*The Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research: A Report on the First Five Years 
Winter, February 2002, Numbers 69


*Report on the 2001 conference of the international society for quality-of-life studies
*Twenty-Seven Years of the Eurobarometer
*New Zealand Launches Six-City Social Indicator Monitoring
*Gleaning the Benefits of Longitudinal Surveys: Educational Achievement and Black-White Inequality in the United States
Fall, November 2001, Numbers 68
*One Hundred Years of Change in Britain
*The Philippines’ Social Weather Stations:  An Update
*A World-Wide Reproductive Risk Index
Spring/Summer, May/August 2001, Numbers 66 & 67
*Living Conditions of the Elderly in Sweden:  Trends 1980-1998 and Comparisons with Some Mid-1990s Estimates for the European Union
*Commentary on Chartbooks on the Elderly and Policy Implications
Winter, February 2001, Numbers 65


*Economists Analyze the Effects of Investments on Governance, Sustainability and Welfare
*Crime and Crime Control:  An International Comparison with a focus on the Netherlands
*A Report on the Well-Being of Older Americans
Fall, November 2000, Number 64
*Has the Recent Epidemic in Adolescent Drug Use in the United States Peaked? Some Recent Findings from the
Monitoring the Future Study
*Indicators of Environmental Trends of Our World
Summer, August 2000, Number 63
*A Systems Approach to Social Indicators:  The Calvert-Henderson Quality of Life Indicators
*Child Trends’ Criteria for a Better System of Child and Family Indicators
*A Brief History of Social Indicators Developments
Winter/Spring, February/May 2000, Numbers 61 & 62


  Fall, November 1999, Number 60
  Summer, August 1999, Number 59
  Spring, May 1999, Number 58
  Winter, February 1999, Number 57

  Autumn, November 1998, Number 56
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  Autumn, November 1997, Number 52
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  Autumn, November 1996, Number 48
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  Spring, May 1996, Number 46
  Winter, February 1996, Number 45

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