A Quarterly Review of Social Reports and Research on Social Indicators, Social Trends, and the Quality-of-Life.
News included of Working Group 6 on Social Indicators and Social Reporting of the International Sociological Association.

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Summer, August 1986, Number 07


Marriage and Family Patterns in a Chinese Community Over a Half Century.
Five Social Indicator Sessions at ISA New Dehli Meeting.
Asia/Pacific SI Training Program.
Retirement Policy Issues.
Brazil: Model of the Social Security System.
Rural Development Indicators: World-Wide Work of Frank W. Young.
Women: Employment and Marriage Model: Impact of Recent Trends.
Indicators of Aging, 1940-80.
The Elderly: Future Effects on Labor Market.


United Kingdom: School Drop-Outs' Unemployment and Wage Expectation.
Sweden: Longitudinal Study of High School Absentees.


Income and Poerty: Data Trends.
OASDI Effects on US Labor Supply.


US Births to Unmarried Women Continue to Increase.
Model for Population Trends in China.
Pacific Islands: Indicators of Fertility.
Review of Asian Censuses.


Sweden: 1945-1985 Changes in Health Insurance Programs.
The Elderly: Projecting Changing Health Status.


Changes in Level of Living in Sweden Traced.
The Migration of Blacks Back to the South.
Integrating Quality of Life and Social Impact Studies: A Value-Based Community
Assessment Process.


BSSR Social Indicators Library Moved to University of Maryland.
Unesco Issues Two Reference Works.
NSF Data, Reports Available Through Remote Access System.
O.D. Anderson Moves to Pennsylvania State University.
1986 General Social Survey Available from Roper Center.
Federal Longitudinal Surveys Available.
Murray Aborn Hoored by DC Sociological Society for His Contributions
to Social Indicators, Measurement.
Income Equality Measures.
Social Life and Stress.
Spiritual Well-Being.
Indicators of Mental Health.

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