A Quarterly Review of Social Reports and Research on Social Indicators, Social Trends, and the Quality-of-Life.
News included of Working Group 6 on Social Indicators and Social Reporting of the International Sociological Association.

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Spring, May 1989, Number 18


National esearch Council Study Recommends Bolstering US Statistical
System on Status of Aging Population.
Country Rankings of the Status of Women: Poor, Powerless, and Pregnant.
Fertility Decline in Thailand: Favorable Population Policies and Cultural
Social Indicators Compare Countries' Progress: "The Grand Failure."
Indicators on Women's Status: Review Calls for Improving Data on Gender.
Indicators Allocate federal Funds to the States: Social Indicator Formulae
Distribute Half US Funds.
A Review of the State of Social Indicators Research.


Recent International Social Reports.
Indexing Social Development: Indian Study Tests Three Methods.
Pakistan: Social Indicator Reports and Demographic Data.
Welfare: Economic, Social Accounts to Evaluate Effectiveness.
Poverty in Cities: A Social Report on Urban Poverty Recommends Public


K.A.P. on Cancer: European Community Study of Policies and Practices.


Educational Indicators in Nordic Countries: Concepts for Common Use Being Developed.
OECD Leading Development of Comparable Cross-National Data.
Doctoral Education: Measures of Input, Output, Through-out.
Educations Indicators: Projections to Carry in your Pocket.
Demographic Accounting for Educational Outcomes: MAP Tracks Students
through School and Beyond.


Forecasting Methods: Interdisciplinary Papers Review State-of-the-Art.
Methodological Report.


QOL: From a Human Development Perspective.
Quality of Work Life: Research on Disadvantaged.


Charting US Social Change: Trends in Six Sectors Interrelated.


General Social Survey: Bibliography of Studies.
Canadian Surveys: Newsletter Describes Active Research Programs.
Malaysian Data.
The Status of Women: Recent US Report.
Indicators and Policy: deNeufville Classic Again in Print.

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