A Quarterly Review of Social Reports and Research on Social Indicators, Social Trends, and the Quality-of-Life.
News included of Working Group 6 on Social Indicators and Social Reporting of the International Sociological Association.

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Fall, November 1995, Number 44

A World Survey of the Gender Gap Uncovers Some Gains in the Education

and Health of Women
Review of Women ...A World Survey.

UN Advancement Report: UN Programs Press on Toward Gender Equality

Review of The United Nations and The Advancement of Women.

A Reproductive Risk Index for 118 Countries Shows World Wide Disparities in Women's Health

Review of Reproductive Risk: A Worldwide Assessment of Women's Sexual
and Maternal Health.

Social Trends in Four Industrial Societies Compared: Divergences and Convergences Reviewed in New Study

Review of Convergence or Divergence? -- Comparing Recent Social Trends
in Industrial Societies.

Index of Social Progress Tracks Change in Africa

Review of "Social Development Trends in Africa, 1970-1990: The Need for a
New Paradigm," in Social Development Issues.

Population Growth and Fish Production

Discussion of "Catching the Limit: Population and the Decline of Fisheries,"
Population and Environment Program, Population Action International

125 Indicators Rank the US States in order to Swell the Citizens' Pride or Shame Them

Review of Life in America's Fifty States.

UN Statistical Yearbook on CD-ROM

ISQOLS News on Internet

CDC's BRFSS Releases Survey Results on Health-QoL

A Critic Finds Fault with the Human Development Index

Discussion of "The Human Development Revisited,"
Intereconomics, July/August 1995, pp. 171-176.

A Theoretical Focus on Measuring Inequality

Review of Ethical Social Index Numbers.

Change by Diffusion Through Networks

Quick Review of Network Models of the Diffusion of Innovations.


ZUMA Hosts QOL Meeting
The ASA Honors Al Biderman for his Social Indicator Work

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