A Quarterly Review of Social Reports and Research on Social Indicators, Social Trends, and the Quality-of-Life.
News included of Working Group 6 on Social Indicators and Social Reporting of the International Sociological Association.

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Spring, May 1998, Number 54

Life Forms and the Quality of Life: A Comparison Between East and West Germany

Dr. Karin Schulze Buschoff describes the findings of her research into the changes
in the quality of life of the citizens of both East and West Germany after reunification.

Some Contemporary British Social Attitudes

James A. Davis expresses his envy and admiration of British Social Attitudes: the 13th Report.

A Social Report on the Elderly in the Netherlands

Abbott Ferriss reviews Report on the Elderly, 1996.

State of the World 1998

Abbott Ferriss briefly reviews the Worldwatch Institute's The State of the World 1998.

Unemployment Among Scientists and Engineers with Doctorates in the United States

Kenneth Land discusses Who is Unemployed? Factors Affecting Unemployment Among
Individuals with Doctoral Degrees in Science and Engineering in a special report by the
National Science Foundation, Division of Science Resources Studies.

How Good ate the Forecasts of the Futurists?

Kenneth Land reviews and comments on "The Future is Now: A Review of a 1985 Forecast of HR Issues," in Employment Relations Today.

Two New Chartbooks

Kenneth Land briefly reviews two recent chartbooks: Living Conditions in Europe -- Selected Societal Indicators, and The Southern Black Belt: A National Perspective.


Obituary -- Mancur Olson (1932-1998)
The 1998 ISQOLS Conference
Social Indicators and Social Reporting at the 1998 World Congress of Sociology
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