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Volume 13: Globalism/Localism at Work

Leni Beukema and Jorge Carrillo

Professor Leni Beukema
Department of General Social Sciences

Utrecht University, P.O. box 80.140

3508TC Utrecht
The Netherlands
Phone +31 30 253 4051
Fax +31 30 253 4733  

Dr. Jorge Carrillo
Departamento de Estudios Sociales
El Colegio de la frontera Norte
Phone +52 664 631 6311
Fax +52 664 631 6312


1.    L. Beukema (l.beukema@fss.uu.nl) and J. Carrillo (carrillo@colef.mx), Handling global developments, shaping local practices. The interference of the global and the local in work restructuring.

Global Industries.  Restructuring and Local Jobs

2.    J. R. Ramalho (jramalho@ifcs.ufrj.br), New forms of industrial organisation, regional development and the impact on work restructuring in Brazil .

3.    J. Durand (durand@socio.univ-evry.fr), Main labour changes in French car industry.

4.    A. Hualde (ahualde@colef.mx), Segmentation of skills in the Mexican northern border. Challenges in a globalised region.

5.    S. G. Larangeira (sonia21@ufrgs.br), Privatisation and deregulation of telecommunications in Brazil .

6.    J. Carrillo (
carrillo@colef.mx), Foreign direct investment and local linkages: the case of the Mexican television industry in Tijuana

7.    R. Partida (raquelpr@udgserv.cencar.udg.mx), The effects of the globalisation on workers in the cluster of electronics in Jalisco Mexico

Industries and services. Global networks and Chains

8.    T. Austrin (terry.austrin@canterbury.ac.nz) and J. West (jackie.west@bristol.ac.uk), New deals in gambling: Global markets and local regimes of regulation

9.    L. Beukema (
l.beukema@fss.uu.nl) and H. Coenen (h.coenen@fss.uu.nl), Global logistic chains as a result of local processes: the case of orchids

10.  A. Posthuma (posthuma@ilo.org), Taking a seat in the global marketplace: Opportunities for high roadupgrading in the Indonesian wood furniture sector?


11.  L. Beukema (l.beukema@fss.uu.nl), Work restructuring as an ongoing glocal process.  Concluding remarks