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Volume 17: Workplace Temporalities

Professor Beth Rubin, editor
Department of Management
Belk College of Business Administration, Friday 351-B
The University of North Carolina-Charlotte
9201 University City Blvd.
Charlotte, NC 28223
phone: (704)687-6215
fax:(704) 687-3123
email: barubin@email.uncc.edu

Chapter 1 Time-work discipline in the 21st Century Beth A. Rubin

Part I: New Times for the New Economy

Chapter 2: Chronemics at Work: Using Socio-Historical Accounts to Illuminate Contemporary Workplace Temporality Dawna I. Ballard

Chapter 3: Saying 'Good Morning' in the Night: The Reversal of Work Time in Global ICT Service Work Winifred Rebecca Poster

Part II: Organizational Temporalities

Chapter 4: The Dance of Entrainment: Temporally Navigating across Multiple Pacers Deborah Ancona and Mary J. Waller

Chapter 5: Individual Temporality in the Workplace: How Individuals Perceive and Value Time at Work Sally Blount and Sophie Leroy

Chapter 6: Polychronicity, Individuals and Organizations Allen C. Bluedorn

Chapter 7: Timing Expertise in Software Development Environments Esther Ruiz-Ben

Part III: Hours, Schedules and Families

Chapter 8: The ‘Over-Paced’ American: Recent Trends in the Intensification of Work David J. Maume and David A. Purcell

Chapter 9: For Love or Money?: Extrinsic Rewards, Intrinsic Rewards, Work-Life Issues, and Hour Mismatches Jeremy Renolds and Lydia Aletaris

Chapter 10: The Economics of Flexible Work Scheduling: Theoretical Advances and Contemporary Paradoxes Morris Altman and Lonnie Golden

Chapter 11: Time and Control in a 24/7 Environment: Clock Time, Work Time, Family Time Robert Perrucci and Shelley MacDermid

Chapter 12: Explaining Job Hours of Physicians, Nurses, EMTs and Nursing Assistants: Gender, Class, Jobs and Families Naomi Gerstel, Dan Clawson and Dana Huyser

Chapter 13: Gender Differences in the Relationship Between Long Employment Hours and Multitasking Liana Sayer

Part IV: The Possible Worlds of Workplace Temporalities

Chapter 14: Dual Earners in Double Jeopardy: Preparing for Job Loss in the New Risk Economy Stephen Sweet, Phyllis Moen and Peter Meiksins

Chapter 15: Public School Teachers Join the Ranks of Dislocated Workers Kenneth A. Root, Steven A. Root and Louise A. Sundin

Chapter 16: Organizational Strategies for Network Weaving Work-Life Integration into 24/7 Cultures Mindy L. Gewirtz and Mindy Fried

Chapter 17: New Times Redux-Layering Time in the New Economy Beth A. Rubin