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Research in the Sociology of Work is an edited volume published annually by Emerald Press.  Each volume is topically organized to offer in-depth analysis of an issue of current interest in the sociology of work.  Recent volumes address such issues as globalization, work and family, deviance in the workplace, marginal employment, employment restructuring, union revitalization, and worker training.  For information or if you have suggestions about topics you would like the series to consider, please contact the series editor, Lisa Keister at lkeister@soc.duke.edu. Authors interested in submitting papers for publication consideration should contact the editor for that volume.

Information for Contributors

Volume 1:  Richard L. Simpson and Ida Harper Simpson, 1981
Volume 2:  Peripheral Workers,  Richard L. Simpson and Ida Harper Simpson, 1983
Volume 3:  Unemployment,  Richard L. Simpson and Ida Harper Simpson, 1985
Volume 4:  High Tech Work,  Richard L. Simpson and Ida Harper Simpson, 1988
Volume 5:  The Meaning of Work,  Richard L. Simpson and Ida Harper Simpson, 1995
Volume 6:  The Globalization of Work,  Randy Hodson, 1997
Volume 7:  Work and Family, Toby L. Parcel, 1999
Volume 8:  Deviance in the Workplace,  Ida Harper Simpson and Richard L. Simpson, 1999
Volume 9:  Marginality,  Randy Hodson, 2000
Volume 10:  The Transformation of Work, Steven Peter Vallas, 2001
Volume 11:  Labor Revitalization,  Daniel B. Cornfield & Holly J. McCammon, 2003
Volume 12:  The Sociology of Job Training,  David B. Bills, 2003
Volume 13:  Globalism/Localism at Work (Special Isssue), Leni Beukema & Jorge Carrillo, 2004
Volume 14:  Workforce Diversity, Nancy DiTomaso and Corinne Post, 2004
Volume 15: Entrepreneurship, Lisa Keister, 2005
Volume 16: Workplace Participation, Vicki Smith, 2006
Volume 17:  Workplace Temporalities, Beth Rubin, 2007
Volume 18:  Work and Organizations in China, Lisa Keister, expected 2009
Volume 19:  Economic Sociology, Nina Bandelj, expected 2009
Volume 20:  Institutions and Entrepreneurship, Wesley Sine and Robert David, expected 2010