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Research in the Sociology of Work,

Volume 11: Labor Revitalization

Professors Daniel B. Cornfield and Holly J. McCammon,
Guest Editors

Department of Sociology
Vanderbilt University
Nashville, TN  37235
   tel.: (615) 322-7626
fax: (615) 322-7505

Chapter 1.  Revitalizing Labor: Global Perspectives and a Research Agenda
Daniel B. Cornfield  and Holly J. McCammon

Part I. Labor-Worker Relations and Labor Revitalization: The Challenge of Union Bureaucratization

Chapter 2. Reviving the Labor Movement: A Comparative Perspective
Lowell Turner

Chapter 3.  Made in the USA, Imported into Britain: The Organizing Model and the Limits of Transferability
Bob Carter
bc20@leicester.ac.uk, Peter Fairbrother FairbrotherPD@cardiff.ac.uk , Rachel Sherman rsherman@socrates.berkeley.edu, and Kim Voss kimvoss@socrates.berkeley.edu

Chapter 4. Organising for Renewal: A Case Study of the UK’s Organising Academy
Edmund Heery
Heery@cf.ac.uk, Rick Delbridge  DelbridgeR@cf.ac.uk, Melanie Simms M.Simms@cf.ac.uk, John Salmon SalmonJ@Cardiff.ac.uk and Dave Simpson simpsond@cardiff.ac.uk

Chapter 5.  Revitalization of the Labor Movement in the Netherlands: With or Without the Traditional Unions?
Leni Beukema
l.beukema@fss.uu.nl and Harry Coenen h.coenen@fss.uu.nl

Part II.  Labor-Employer Relations and Labor Revitalization: Reshaping Employment Relations

Chapter 6. Regional Development and New Labor Strategies: Trade Unions and the New Car Plants in Resende, Brazil
Alice Rangel de Paiva Abreu
Aabreu@oas.org and José Ricardo Ramalho jramalho@ifcs.ufrj.br

Chapter 7. Korean White-Collar Unions’ Journey to Labor Solidarity: The Historic Path from Industrial to Enterprise Unionism
Doowon Suh

Part III.  Labor-State Relations and Labor Revitalization: Political Opportunity and Labor Autonomy from the State

Chapter 8.  Labor Revitalization? The Case of Australia
Rae Cooper
r.cooper@econ.usyd.edu.au, Mark Westcott m.westcott@econ.usyd.edu.au and Russell D. Lansbury r.lansbury@econ.usyd.edu.au

Chapter 9. Mexican Trade Unionism in the Face of Political Transition
Enrique de la Garza Toledo

Chapter 10. Political Transition and Labor Revitalization in México
Graciela Bensusán
bensusan@servidor.unam.mx  and Maria Cook MLC13@cornell.edu

Chapter 11. Relegitimization of the Union Movement in Venezuela
Héctor Lucena