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Research in the Sociology
Volume 15: Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship, the creation of new economic entities, is central to the structure and functioning of organizations and economies. New business formation also shapes the nature of social and economic stratification in an economy and may be an important vehicle for social mobility. Volume 15 of Research in the Sociology of Work focuses on issues related to entrepreneurship. The volume includes manuscripts that explore all aspects of entrepreneurship including the factors that lead people to become entrepreneurs, the implications of entrepreneurship for individuals and families, and the effects of entrepreneurial activity on organizations and economies. The contributions are gounded in sociology, economics, business, and related disciplines and include both empirical and theoretical work.

contact for Entrepreneurship volume:
Professor Lisa Keister
Department of Sociology
Ohio State University
Columbus, OH 43210


1.    Lisa A. Keister, "Introduction"

Part I. Why Study Entrepreneurship?
2.    Stephen Lippmann, Amy Davis, and Howard Aldrich, "Entrepreneurship and Inequality"
3.    Jeremy Reynolds & Linda Renzulli, "Economic Freedom or Self-Imposed Strife: Work-Life Conflict, Gender, and Self-Employment"

Part II. The Entrepreneurship Process
4.    Martin Ruef, "Origins of Organizations: The Entrepreneurial Process"
5.    Shaker Zahra and Bruce Kirchhoff, "Technological Resources and New Firm Growth: A Comparison of Start-up and Adolescent Ventures"
6.    Bruce Skaggs & Kevin T. Leicht, "Management Paradigm Change in the United States: A Professional  Autonomy Perspective"
7.    Noam Wasserman, "Upside-down Venture Capitalists and the Transition Toward Pyramidal Firms: Inevitable Progression, or Failed Experiment?"
8.    R. Saylor Breckenridge & Ian M. Taplin, "Entrepreneurship, Industrial Policy, and Clusters: The Growth of the North Carolina Wine Industry"

Part III. Context and Opportunities
9.    Louis Corsino & Maricella Soto, "Socializing the Ethnic Market: A Frame Analysis"
10.    Beverly Mizrachi, "The Henna Maker: A Moroccan Immigrant Woman Entrepreneur in an Ethnic Revival"
11.    Akos Rona-Tas & Matild Sagi, "Entrepreneurship and Self-Employment in Transition Economies"
12.    Mike Peng & Yi Jiang, "Entrepreneurial Strategies During Institutional Transitions"
13.    Yusheng Peng, "Lineage Networks, Rural Entrepreneurs, and Max Weber"