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Research in the Sociology of Work,

Volume 6: The Globalization of Work, 1997

edited by Randy Hodson

Department of Sociology
Ohio State University
Columbus, OH  43210
614-292-8951 (office)
614-292-6687 (fax)


Introduction:  Randy Hodson, "Work from a Global Perspective"

Section I:  The Dynamics of Globalization

Steven J. Frenkel and Carol Royal, "Globalization and Employment Relations"
Beverly J. Silver, "Turning-Points of Workers' Militancy in the World Automobile Industry, 1930s-1990s"
Robert K. Schaeffer, "Technology and Work in the Third World"
Richard H. Franke, "Industrial Democracy and Convergence in Economic Performance:  Comparative Analysis of Industrial Nations in the 1970s and 1980s"
Torry D. Dickinson, "Selective Globalization:  The Relocation of Industrial Production and the Shaping of Women's Work"

Section II:  Japan, Inc.

Laurie Graham, "Permanently Temporary:  The Japanese Model and the Reproduction of Social Control"
Christopher Wright, Norman Bonney and Fumie Kumagai, "Globalization or Dependent Development?  The Case of Japanese Owned Companies in Scotland"
Robert Perrucci and Cynthia Stohl, "Economic Restructuring and Changing Corporate-Worker-Community Relations:  Searching for a New Social Contract"

Section III:  Global Adjustments

Gay W. Seidman, "Restructuring Goldmines, Redesigning Lives:  Confronting Globalization in the Context of Apartheid's Legacies" Labor Process in South African Mines"

Karen Grisar, "Globalization of Work Culture:  African and European Industrial Cooperation in Senegal"

Section IV:  World Labor Flows

Ligaya Lindio-McGovern, "The Global Political Economy of Domestic Service Work:  The Experience of Migrant Filipino Women Caregivers in Chicago"
Joyce Tang, "Earnings of Academic Scientists and Engineers:  A Comparison of Native-Born and Foreign-Born Populations"