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Research in the Sociology of Work,

Volume 7: Work and Family, 1999

edited by Toby L. Parcel

Department of Sociology
Ohio State University
Columbus, OH  43210
614-292-6681 (office)
614-292-6687 (fax)


Toby L. Parcel, "Introduction:  Work and Family"

Mary Ann Powell and Toby L. Parcel, "Parental Work, Family Size and Social Capital Effects on Early Adolescent Educational Outcomes:  The United States and Great Britain Compared"

Ann C. Crouter, Mary C. Maguire, Heather Helms-Erikson and Susan M. McHale, "Parental Work in Middle Childhood:  Links between Employment and the Division of Housework, Parent-Child Activities, and Parental Monitoring"

Pamela Aronson, "The Balancing Act:  Young Women's Expectations and Experiences of Work and Family"

Michele Kozimor-King and Kevin T. Leicht, "Sources of Convergence and Divergence in Attitudes about Work and Family Roles among Women"

Phyllis Moen and Yan Yu, "Having It All:  Overall Work/Life Success in Two-Earner Families"

Stacy J. Rogers, "The Nexus of Job Satisfaction, Marital Satisfaction, and Individual Well-Being:  Does Marriage Order Matter?"

Erin L. Kelly, "Theorizing Corporate Family Policies:  How Advocates Built 'The Business Case' for 'Family-Friendly' Programs"

Kristine M. Witkowski, "Becoming Family-Friendly:  Work-Family Program Innovation among the Largest U.S. Corporations"

Martha Zaslow, Sharon McGroder, George Cave and Carrie Mariner, "Maternal Employment and Measures of Children's Health and Development among Families with Some History of Welfare Receipt"

Joanne C. Sandberg, "The Effects of Family Obligations and Workplace Resources on Men's and Women's Use of Family Leaves