Scott M. Lynch

I am a professor in the Departments of Sociology and Family Medicine and Community Health, as well as the director of the Center for Population Health and Aging and associate director of the Duke University Population Research Institute at Duke University. Prior to returning to Duke in 2014, I was an assistant, associate, and full professor in the sociology department at Princeton University. I said "...prior to returning to Duke," because I received my Ph.D. in sociology from Duke in 2001 and an M.S. in statistics in 1999. Prior to that, I was an M.A. student at the University of Arkansas (1993-1995) and an undergraduate in Criminal Justice there as well (1989-1993).

My interests are in social epidemiology, the demography of aging, and statistics.  I study how social and behavioral factors, such as race, socioeconomic status, and stress--and biomarkers of it--affect health and mortality risk and how they do so differently across the lives of individuals and across time.  In doing so, I spend a lot of time developing and evaluating statistical methods to make the full use of the capabilities of, and handle the limitations of, social science data.

For an unbelievably boring, but detailed, listing of the highlights of my last few decades of academic life, see my Curriculum Vitae

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Introduction to Applied Bayesian Statistics for Social Scientists:  Program and Data Files + errata

Using Statistics in Social Research: A Concise Approach

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Statistical Analysis of Quantitative Data (Soc 333): Syllabus
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