Engineering Education

In a world increasingly reliant on high-technology, the training of engineering, computer scientists and IT specialists has become a critical competitiveness issue.  Multinational corporations are leveraging talent in developing countries at an unprecedented rate.  This has precipitated media and policy outcries that the United States is not producing enough engineering and technology specialists relative to developing countries such as China and India.  To understand these issues, the GEE@Duke research group collected statistical data on degree production and conducted field research within leading universities on policy institutions in China and India.  Our research leverages these experiences to present more balanced estimates of engineering and technology specialist degree production across these three countries.

Getting the Numbers RightGetting the Numbers Right: International Engineering Education in the United States, China and India, January 2008
Our research shows that the gap between the number of engineers and related technology specialists produced in the United States versus those in India and China is smaller than previously reported, and the United States remains a leading source of high-quality global engineering talent.

Where the Engineers AreWhere the Engineers Are, March 2007
Workforce contributions in developing countries are changing the dynamics of global business operations. Here we explore the production of undergraduate, master's and PhD engineering degrees awarded in the United States, China and India over the past decade.

Industry Trends in Engineering OffshoringIndustry Trends in Engineering Offshoring, October 2006
To better understand the changing global offshoring environment and the role of multinational corporations, we interviewed executives from international corporations to learn more about their operations, hiring and future endeavors.

Framing the Engineering Outsourcing DebateFraming the Engineering Outsourcing Debate, December 2005
This study presents a balanced comparison of engineering, technology and IT undergraduate degree production in the United States, China and India.