Workforce Development

Workforce development is an issue of significant importance for corporations operating in both established and emerging economies.  Maintaining skillsets, implementing new best-practices and engaging employees are key to both workforce retention and long-term competitive advantage.  Many companies in emerging economies such as India have place strong strategic focuses on employee training and growth.  These companies have instituted comprehensive and integrated systems of talent development and management which are embedded in strategic business activities. 

How the Disciple became the GuruHow the Disciple became the Guru, July 2008
Workforce development has become a strategic priority for many corporations in India and a central occupation of their executives. 

Education and Tech EntrepreneurshipEducation and Tech Entrepreneurship, May 2008
U.S.-born technology and engineering company founders are middle aged, well-educated and hold degrees from a variety of institutions. This study explores the affects of founders' educational background on startup performance.